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satan’s satellites (1958)


4 responses to “satan’s satellites (1958)

  1. But, is Satan’s Satellites worth watching? The poster art’s great of course 😉

  2. wangiwang

    The poster is worth watching, the movie probably not!… This blog is only about the poster art, even though you can also, perhaps, read it as cronicles about cinema’s oddities, excesses and fetishes.
    Thanks for the comment and congratulations on your great blog.

  3. Yeah, I could tell that your blog is about poster art 😉 I was just wondering if you’d seen it since I like 50s sci-fi films and hadn’t seen this one…

    You’re welcome! Visit often! hehe

  4. wangiwang

    No, i haven’t. I’m a bigger fan of the 50s poster art than the actual films ^-^
    I like b-movies,but I don’t watch all this stuff… Well… not yet.

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